Bathroom Remodeling Options

The two most common areas of home remodeling are the kitchen and bathroom. It’s debatable whether we spend more time in the kitchen or bathroom, but the kitchen often gets the most focus because that’s what sells a house and it’s the most common area seen by visitors. 

However, the bathroom is an area that can add value to your home and comfort and enjoyment to your life. You can do it in small or large ways; it all depends on your space and budget. Today, we will focus here about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

An inexpensive space saver is a heated towel rack. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your space. They also come in a wide range of prices from just over a hundred dollars to several thousand. 

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The great thing about this product is that you can use it to heat blanks and dry delicate garments. Whatever your desired use you can find a product that fits your needs.

Not only can you warm your body after a shower you can warm your feet before and afterward. You can actually do this with only a small amount of money, in some cases for less than $500. 

Most companies are using radiant heat systems that are virtually maintenance-free and provide great warmth. You can use it to warm your feet or heat your bathroom.

Have you ever taken a hot shower only to hop out to find the mirror fogged over? You clean off a spot to see yourself only to have it fog up again? 

An electric bathroom mirror provides a defogging experience that solves this problem and enhances your experience. The system turns on automatically when you turn on your bathroom light, so once you hit the shower the mirror is ready to go. 

These products can normally be purchased for under a hundred dollars but provide a level of luxury most anyone can afford.

For your shower experience you have options such as a body spa or rainfall experience, you can even have both if you wish so you can choose which you want on any given day.

As you can imagine you have many other choices besides these, you are only limited by your space and imagination and maybe your budget! 

Remodeling your bathroom can be an enjoyable experience and one that brings you long-lasting joy. Take time to review your options and come up with a solution that best meets your needs.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? Changing The Toilet

Remodeling a bathroom can be easily done even by inexperienced home-owners. Doing it yourself is huge opportunity to save money and learn.

You will only need some basic tools for remodeling your bathroom. Here is what you need: latex gloves, rags, lock pliers, wrench, a putty knife, a scraper, screwdriver, pry bar, hacksaw, and a caulking gun. Often you won’t need them all, it mainly depends on the type of installation of your old toilet.

In addition to the tools, you will need some basic materials: bolts (don’t use the old bolts), wax rings (one for each bolt), water supply line (here again, don’t use the old), caulking in an appropriate color.

Some materials are delivered with the new toilet, so don’t buy anything until you know what you want to install. Different tools are needed to remove an old toilet, so check out your old toilet to know how it was installed.

Here are step by step installation tips for your new bathroom toilet.

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First, turn off the supply valve and flush the old toilet to empty the tank reservoir. This is a common step that many forget.

Second, lay everything out. Check if the new toilet has any cracks, chips or any form of damage. If this is the case, normally it was covered by a form of transport insurance, so don’t install the damaged toilet, return it for a replacement. After removing the old toilet, clean the floor where the toilet is going to be installed and clean the bottom of the new one. Perhaps some water drips from the old one, so prepare to clean it up. Don’t put the new toilet directly on the floor. Put some rags between it and the floor.

Disconnect the old toilet, remove the tank and remove its bolts. You will need to cut the old caulking around the bottom using the putty knife.   Remove the toilet and put it upon a rag. There is also a wax sealing to be removed on the bottom.

For the new toilet the procedure goes in the inverse from the removal of the old toilet. You will connect the drain, seal it with wax, screw down bolts, seal it with a caulking gum and connect the water supply line. The most important point is to make sure water does not drip or escape in any form.

The whole process won’t take more than one hour, even if it’s your first time.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget: Tips For Installing a Toilet

The housing boom has considerably slowed down. Home appraisals don’t allow many opportunities for a generous mortgage. Most potential buyers won’t even consider buying a new home now.

The logical solution for enhancing your living is clearly remodeling your current home. And the cheapest option for home remodeling is doing it yourself. Home remodeling projects are subject to an income tax refund, so consider your options. A home remodeling might not be that expensive either.

The favorite home remodeling projects are the kitchen and the bathroom.   That is mainly because the look and feel of a new kitchen or bathroom can only be changed through remodeling it. Giving a living room or other room a new appearance is only a question of changing the furniture, pictures or fixtures.

So, what can you do for your bathroom? Certainly, replacing a sink or toilet can be very expensive if you put the work into the hands of a professional contractor. However, careful home owners will be able to accomplish with such a project.

Reinstalling a toilet in a new home is relatively simple. You won’t have to invest a huge amount of time into this project either. In an old home, installing a toilet might be a high priority. Even if the toilet is just leaking a couple of drops, these couple of drops can cause huge damage to the structure of your home. Often you won’t see how much your toilet is deteriorating your home.

If you suspect that the sub-floor of the bathroom is damaged, then you should start the project to replace the toilet as soon as possible. You will also have to include the replacement of the sub-floor on your project’s budget.

Some minor point that many forget is that if your toilet will be out of service, you will need a second toilet. If your home only has one toilet, then do not count that it will be ready in just a day, since not everything runs as smooth as it should, especially for first time DIY worker.

Before buying a new toilet, measure all the sides of your current toilet. That includes the existing space, the bolts and the central drain. Most have a 12″ central drain, but this is not always the case. Some vary by only a half inch; however, buy a new toilet that is exactly the same dimensions as your old one.

Child Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling the bathroom of your children, think about how to make it a happy but safe place. Both in the case of children and elderly, safety should be taken into consideration in planning the bathroom remodel.  Here are five “bathroom for children” remodeling ideas that will make your project a complete success.

First: Giving children a bathroom that is child-friendly. Children like bright colors like yellow, blue or orange in their bathroom.   Include these colors in their remodeling project. However, it will depend on the age of the children that will use the bathroom. Ask them for advice before making the final decision about the decoration. They will feel much better if they are able to choose. Add happy touches that children will enjoy. An example: if you are putting new tile over the sink, you can have a couple of tiles with their favorite cartoon.  Some tiles can also be made by yourself and your kids.

child bathroom remodel

Second: Add some mainstream appealing pictures. For example, choose your shower curtain according to your children’s favorite characters or topics. For simple decorating for the bathroom, choose a matching character and color theme. The whole bathroom can be made according to a specific topic (Disney or Hanna Montana, for example).

Third: Make it a functional bathroom, made for children with the help of your children. For example, the towel racks must be hanged up in a height that is easy for your children to use.

Equally, you should put the cabinets, shelves and other bathroom furniture low enough for children, so they can reach them easily (otherwise they will climb to the edge of the tub, over the toilet or over the sink, this is a huge safety risk for them).

Provide easy storage for bathtub toys and other items and keep separate dangerous (like cleaning products) and non-dangerous items (like toys).

Fourth: Make the bathroom completely safe for your children. This point cannot be stressed enough. Bathroom can be a dangerous place. Install a slip-resistant floor that minimizes the possibility of falls. Lock any cabinets that contain any cleaning products that are dangerous to children.

Fifth: When planning the remodeling project, choose items that can be easily replaced in the near future – mostly in a couple of years.

Children’s tastes will change as they age, so plan in advance for at least removing cartoon characters or bright colors. Their children bathroom decor won’t last forever, no matter how good the quality is.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget! Use Slate Tile For The Bathroom

Whether you are doing a minor redo or a major overhaul, slate tile for the bathroom is a great choice. Not only is it slip resistant and highly durable, but it can be used on any almost any surface in the bathroom. These properties make a slate tile shower a great fusion between great style and functionality.

The neutral color tones of slate tile can easily be incorporated with most colors. The tiles have natural colors with green, blue, or red variations. They also work well with just about any design schemes, from traditional to contemporary.

Slate tile is made of clay, volcanic ash, and dried mud. These natural earth tones give warmth and richness. The natural ingredients provide character and variety ensuring no two will be alike.

The slate is developed by a layering method which creates a swirling pattern unique to each tile. Because it is made out of natural materials it is a great choice for those concerned with using organic materials.

Unless you have experience installing slate tile it is probably best if it is installed by a professional because it can crack or even break into pieces if it needs to be cut. The tile will also need to be arranged in an attractive pattern, evenly placed, set and grouted. This is a laborious task best left to the experts.

Whether or not you use sealant is a personal choice. It isn’t necessary but it can make it easier to clean and can also affect the appearance. You can choose from three different types of sealant depending on the look you prefer.

Choose high gloss sealant if you want a lustrous wet look, low sheen sealant if you want a little reflection or no sheen sealant which gives a natural finish without any shine.

Slate tile for the bathroom is a wise investment that will stand the test of time.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? 4 Good Reasons to Buy a Bathroom Set

If you are not familiar with the world of bathroom accessories, (and many of us are not until we go to buy these items after moving into our first home), you might be surprised to see so many bathroom sets available on the market.

There are good reasons, however, why bathroom sets are so popular and worth thinking about. Here are the main things they offer.

1. Easy Coordination of Your Bathroom

Instead of trying to find a soap dish to go with a waste basket or a shower curtain to go with a bath mat or giving up and letting your bathroom become an uncoordinated jumble of separate items, you can buy everything from one manufacturer and know that the items will work well together.

2. Reducing the Hassle of Shopping

Buying all the items together means that you have fewer shopping trips to make, parking charges (and fines) to pay and bills to clear. It is far easier to order or buy a bathroom set all at once than a number of different items.

3. Saving Money

It can be a lot cheaper to buy a set than to seek out and pay for individual accessories. Bathroom sets are usually competitively priced so that you are more likely to choose one set over another. The only exception to this is, if you will not use a few of the items in the set, then it makes sense to look for a set where you can buy individual items rather than one where you have to pay for everything in one go. Do your math first however.

4. Many Great Bathroom Accessories Only Sold as Sets

You will find that your choice is more restricted if you want to buy individual items as many of the best designers tend to produce sets of bathroom accessories. In most cases, however, there will be just a few items that you need to buy as a set and then you can add optional extras depending on what you need and how coordinated you want your bathroom to be.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget! Bathroom Remodeling for Less Money

Can’t stand the bathroom – but have no money to fix it? Check out these quick and easy ways to undertake a bathroom remodeling without costing yourself a fortune.

Small and Dark Bathroom?

Paint everything white – even colored tiles can be painted over! A nice paint job will lift even the oldest bathroom. Add some new lights and mirrors and suddenly the dark an depressing bathroom will be nice to live in again!

Cheap Wall Coverings

Marine ply is an outstanding budget solution to walls that really need relining – its used in boats so its definitely waterproof! You finish it of with a few coats of varnish for an attractive wooden look without the cost.

Cheap and Cheerful Storage Solution for a Bathroom

Find free-standing cupboards that you can paint and fit yourself. Add a simple shelf in wood or glass above the vanity for extra storage. Add a peg rail for towels and laundry bags.

Add Luxurious Extras for Little Cost

Invest in a set of fluffy towels and matching bathmat is simple but effective. Find a few interesting old bottles or containers in a second-hand shop and make them a display. Coordinate your toiletries and make them a display, not a clutter!

If you are remodeling a bathroom on a budget the first thing you need to do is to try to keep the existing plumbing in the same place – moving a bath, shower and particularly the WC will cost a lot of money in plumbing and building contractors.

If the bath is old and chipped but otherwise sound consider resurfacing it rather than replacing it. It will cost a lot less than removing the old one and replacing it. Getting more light into the room by replacing frosted windows with clear glass plus a muslin sheer blind for privacy. It can make a large difference for very little money.

-Thanks a lot for reading our article – “Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget”. Hopefully you read and enjoy it. Have a good day!
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