How to get a mortgage loan

Finding a home you like enough to buy can take ages. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking if a delay causes the sale to fall through. Today we will focus briefly the helpful information on how to get a mortgage loan.

In a market that is still rife with gazumping, it’s vital to push your purchase through as quickly as possible. So it makes sense to get much of the legwork for a mortgage done in advance. Some people even like to get a mortgage agreed in principle before they start looking.

Having a mortgage agreed in principle can tip the balance in your favor if a vendor is deciding between two potential buyers.

how to get a mortgage loan

How to get a mortgage loan? Save a deposit

The first thing to do before getting a mortgage is to save enough money for a deposit. Although some banks and building societies will lend the full cost of a property through loans known as 100 per cent mortgages, these aren’t common, and tend to have higher interest rates.

Also, if you have little or nothing in the way of a deposit, the lender will demand you buy an expensive insurance policy otherwise known as a high percentage loan fee or a mortgage indemnity guarantee. Although you pay for this policy, it protects the lender, not you the borrower, against loss if you default on your loan.

Tip: Aim to save at least five percent of the amount you want to spend on a property. Ten per cent is even better.

Financial Advice on how to get a mortgage loan

Think about how you want to repay your mortgage. Most people choose repayment loans – also called capital and interest loans – where part is paid back every month so that the whole loan is repaid by the end of its term.

Others opt for interest-only loans alongside a regular stock market-based savings scheme, such as an endowment or individual savings account (ISA). In this case, the aim is to repay the whole loan at the end of its term with money earned in the savings scheme.

You also need to think about the length of period over which you need to repay the loan. Most people start with a 25-year mortgage, but if you have swapped loans (or houses), it’s wise to reduce the new term or you could find yourself still paying off your mortgage when you retire.

Mortgage loan! Finding a lender

Once you have chosen what type of mortgage to go for and the repayment method, you need to find a lender. If you have a good financial record – no major outstanding debts, have never fallen behind with or allowed debt payments to lapse, and have been in regular employment with your current employer for at least six months – finding a lender willing to give you a mortgage should be straightforward.

You may want to do your own homework, reading newspapers and searching the Internet for mortgage recommendations.

If your situation is more complicated – you are self-employed, have changed jobs recently or have run into problems with debts in the past – your choices are likely to be more limited.

Whether you are confused by the enormous choice of loans on offer, or worried your financial record may put lenders off, you could find it reassuring to seek help from a mortgage broker or independent financial adviser (IFA) who specialises in mortgages.

IFA Promotion, a body set up to promote independent financial advice will provide you with a free list of three IFAs in your area who advise on mortgages.

Before you agree to take on an independent financial adviser or mortgage broker, establish whether he/she intends to charge a fee, and if so, how much. Some mortgage brokers will work for a small commission paid by the lender for organising the loan.

Mortgage loan! How much can I borrow?

The lender or mortgage broker will be able to tell you how much you can borrow. Lenders use three factors to calculate how much they are prepared to lend you.

  • Your income.
  • Your existing debt.
  • The size of your deposit.

The lender deducts your monthly outgoings, such as payments for any on-going debts (including personal loans, hire purchase, and maintenance payments). They then multiply the resulting figure by three and a half. If you are buying with a partner who is earning then you add their annual income on top. If the figure is calculated as a joint income then it is two and a half times the joint salary.

Some lenders offer slightly higher income multiples, particularly to people working in careers where earnings are likely to increase rapidly in the future.

Tip: Think carefully before you mortgage yourself up to the hilt. Interest rates are very low right now but could you afford to pay a large mortgage if they went up?

Applying for a mortgage loan

The traditional method of applying for a mortgage has been to go into the local branch of your bank or building society for a face-to-face meeting. But there’s no real need for this. Many lenders now accept applications via the telephone or Internet.

To speed up the application process, have ready your most recent P60 form, your three most recent payslips or your employment contract. If you are self-employed, you will normally need to provide accounts for the past three years.

Tip: Check whether you will have to pay for your own property valuation, legal fees and whether the lender charges an arrangement fee. It’s important to have the money lined up for these at the outset.

Arranging Insurance

All lenders insist that your house is insured for the cost of rebuilding it and some will make the purchase of their own buildings and contents insurance package a condition of lending you a mortgage. This can add up to 0.25 percent of the cost of the loan.

If your lender does not require you to buy its insurance, but simply recommends it, you will almost certainly find cheaper cover of equal quality by shopping around. Your lender may charge you a one-off fee of £25 in these circumstances or raise the interest rate on your mortgage to cover the commission it is losing out on.

An insurance broker can get quotes for you from a wide range of insurance companies. Look in your local Yellow Pages for someone who is registered with the Insurance Brokers Registration Council. Also, get quotes from a few of the telephone and online brokers and insurance companies.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

Your lender may also suggest you buy Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI). This is insurance designed to pay your monthly mortgage payment for a limited period – usually a year – if you are unable to work through illness, disability or redundancy.

Mortgage checklist

  • Save a deposit
  • Think about how much you can afford to pay each month on your mortgage
  • Read up on the different types of mortgages available
  • Be prepared – get as much paperwork as possible done in advance
  • Always read the small print – both on your mortgage and any insurance you intend to buy. It could save you a lot of money in the long run
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Kids bedroom ideas on a budget

The child spends most of his life in his nursery. It represents a source of memories for later life. Therefore, the establishment of the nursery of so great importance is so the child quietly grows and becomes a complete human being. Today we will discuss briefly regarding kids bedroom ideas on a budget.

Children’s room decor themes

The main task of the parents is to create a small world where the child feels most comfortable, and where a cozy atmosphere, peace and security are guaranteed. Psychologists have long proved that the room has a direct impact on the development of personality and the formation of character.

First, the materials must be determined. The ideal flooring solution is not worse than the wood is wood, natural wood or laminate, which is antistatic and regarding the aesthetics. Since the 5-6 very much move year, play, and jump, proves the laying of carpet almost mandatory, whether from wall to wall or just in the corner of the game depends on you off.

 It is important that the soil is anti-static and easy to clean. The colors can be selected in accordance with the overall design of the room.

kids bedroom ideas on a budget

Comfortable nursery decor kids furniture ideas

The walls can be painted in the same colour, decorated with drawings or colorful photos. The girls love flowers, butterflies, Barbie dolls or the Little Mermaid, the Ninja turtles are suitable for the young. So, dirt stains can be hidden easily, if the little ones to cover the wall.

The selection of wall-paper is very large, you can choose between comic and film hero. The wallpaper can be made of paper or vinyl, but you can put also washable wallpaper. The curtains are a very important element. The material depends on the overall design as well as their location.

You can hang lightweight curtains made of organza or chiffon or but you can sign up for opaque curtains or choose curtains made of combined materials. Shutters and blinds are a good option. For lighting, you can use the classic chandelier.

Crystal glass and tracery are not suitable for children, as they have negative effects on vision. The distribution of light should be gently and evenly. You can use halogen lamps for perimeter lighting (along with the size of the ceiling).

kids bedroom ideas on a budget

Children’s room decor themes

This achieves a subtle and pleasant light. It is desirable that the light can be adjusted. The cozy atmosphere is largely dependent on the choice of colors. The 5-6-year-old kids like the bright colors red, purple, and pink.

The child may not be irritated by the colors. A good option is the combination of colors that have a similar shade but are not bright. The floor, the walls, and the ceiling should be kept in lighter colors. The furniture, the blind, the carpet and the toys can be in strong colours.

kids bedroom ideas on a budget

Nursery comfortable and cozy atmosphere

You can choose between standard furniture and bespoke furniture. Until the child reaches the age of 10, it perceives the world in most cases through his senses and therefore the choice of the children’s establishment is very important.

The children receive a huge amount of information from the natural and you should prefer always natural materials. Children, who are accustomed to the natural, can get much better and acquire new knowledge quickly and easily.

The House should be over saturated too much with plastic, glass and high-tech goods from metal with bizarre shapes. Child-friendly materials, natural materials, and natural colours are suitable for the nursery. It is appropriate to complement the plastic toys with wood and clay toys. The minimalism as a style is not suitable for children.

Nursery decor soft and pleasant light

The variety of objects, the different fabrics and colours form the creative ability and contribute to the mental and physical development. The minimalism can only help the child in the corner of learning while learning to better concentrate.

If your child has even painted on the wall, you do not fall into a panic this is only a sign of rejection and protest. Behind the chaos, in the room not only laziness and inertia can plug.

This could be a sign of the conflict with the rest of the world and indicate problems such as inability to adapt, infantilism and afraid of people. Continuously and permanently messy room requires more attention and more conversations with the child, to resolve any problems.

kids bedroom ideas on a budget

Kids Room Decoration Ideas Drawings

You must take into account when setting up the nursery, whether it is intended for multiple children and what gender they are. According to Feng Shui, the bed should be high, so that the energy can move freely between bed and floor.

The corners should be rounded, which is also safer; the room should be neither too big nor too narrow. It is inadmissible to place a bed to the window or at the door. You can decorate the ceiling with clouds, birds, and stars.

The walls need to breathe, so it is better if the wallpapers made from paper. The bonuses represent access to the world and that is why they must be required to be present. With the purchase of the furniture must ask for an environmental certificate in any case.

The rule states-little furniture, more space. The necessary furniture is shelving for books and toys, a bed, desk, wardrobe.

Children’s room decor ideas kindergarten

Psychologists recommend that you visually dividing the room a corner, where can the child to rest and sleep and a corner, where it can learn and play. You should allow the child to withdraw.

Private television in the bedroom is taboo, all electrical equipment should be switched off at night and be pulled out of the socket. The Aquarium is a beautiful thing, this air is humidified and at the same time. The child learns to take responsibility by taking care of the fish and feed them.

kids bedroom ideas on a budget

Real flowers determine the ambiance citrus trees increase the immunity, improve the mood and provide a beautiful sleep. If it’s two children, please they strive the room to share.

Each child should have his own cabinet, books, and personal items. Even if they are twins, they have the right to live their own lives. If the bed has two floors, the second floor should be as high as possible.

The most important thing left to do is involve the child, that does not mean to carry the child for hours in the shops, but nevertheless, you should offer him the opportunity to express his opinion and to inform his fantasies.

Kids Room Decoration rest place

The dynamic life of our time always often determines the functioning and active recreation for the adults as the way how to develop children and as they grow.

The ever increasing standard is increasingly high demands on the quality of products and services. This also applies to the establishment of the nursery for the toys and children’s entertainment.

The need to agree the unexpected fantasies of children with high needs of parents is even greater. We offer some ideas, recommendations, advice and clarification in the selection and design of children’s playground equipment.

The nursery is a specific room, whose Verwalter is the child. The child should feel comfortable and the parents should be convinced that it is complete safety.

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Tips on how to sell your house or property

A property sale is a challenging task. Which demands a lot of planning before you finally put it for sale and even after that there arise set of issues you alone have to deal with. If you would like to know property selling information, you could choose a property for sale french riviera.

Property selling requires knowledge about lands, property, geographical location of the property, asset value and there are various other aspects which are included in it. You might need to understand these aspects so that you will be able to sell your property with ease. Here we will focus briefly about tips on how to sell your house or property.

tips on how to sell your house

For example what could be expected price of your property, especially home and land for sale? Is it better to hire a real estate agent or investor for a property sale? What is going on in-home sale or land for sale market around? What makes your property preferable over others? Is it a good idea to set your property for online auction or online sale? All about property-based information you could choose a property for sale provence.

Here are some tips on how to sell your house or property that can be used to get your cheap home or land for sale at a better price than anticipated.

  • Home or land buyer will obviously look for and notice everything wrong, especially if it is his first time. This fear of purchasing the unknown strikes fear within a new home purchaser. It will irk home buyers to see something that’s broken. Some updates and repairs you can do inexpensively and it will make a big difference. For that, do expect to put fresh coats of paint of a neutral color on walls; fix things that stand out like a faucet that drips or hinges that scream; tears in screens and floorboards that have holes are other good ideas for repair. Continue to keep it spotless and tweak anything that can be adjusted. In the end, make sure that everything about it is in excellent working condition.
  • Before offering your cheap homes or land for sale, make sure you have quality photographs of the property. It is always important that it should give the first impression well by simply looking at photos. It should be combined with advertising your property. Advertising might include newspaper and TV ads and list in real estate publications. One of the best ways to advertise your property is to list online with a firm that lists a cheap home or land sales.
  • Before offering your cheap home or land, have a market review to gain an idea of what your home or land is worth in the current market. Knowing the market value of your home helps you set a competitive price for home or land for sale.
  • The easiest way to sell your cheap home is to instruct a local estate agent to put it on the market. You can even hire online estate agents. It will make your task easy and quick too.
  • If you want to sell your house in a good cash return, just do not mess up in this decision as a house or land purchase is an important asset and if you get a lower cost, you will always have the regret of selling it. So it is better to wait for the right buyer.
  • Putting your home or land for sale on auction, be it online auction. It can attract more competitive buyers and set up the standard price as well.

Aforementioned tips can help the sale of property comparatively easy job.

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Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs for a Fresh Look

One of the most popular storage solutions in a bathroom is a smart vanity. Vanities help assort the bathroom accessories and toiletries in the area. In every part of the world, eclectic bathroom ideas are getting famous. Here we will focus briefly about modern bathroom vanity designs for a fresh look. You could check for more information about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

To get an uncluttered look a vanity is of great help and different styles of vanity add elegance to the bathroom decor. Combine different elements and textures in the bathroom with the help of stylish and designer vanity.

Colors add another twist to the bathroom vanity designs. Contrasting vanity colors add a dramatic look to the decor of the bathroom.

bathroom vanity designs

 Another way to dress up vanities in a bathroom is using monochromatic color schemes which add a subtle attitude to the bathroom interiors. Let’s scroll down to check a few examples of designing a refreshing bathroom in a colorful manner.

Bathrooms are the most essential places in any house. Designing a bathroom with a modern touch is a must these days. Even the traditional bathrooms are given a fresh coat of paint with modern accents to create a mod appeal.

Small patterns and great artifacts all come together to lend a stunning appeal to a bathroom space. Irrespective of the space limitations bathrooms can be given a modern decor if planned carefully and thoughtfully.

Be precise in telling the interiors decorators your concept of bathroom decor and the budget you have allocated to decorate your bathing space. Small factors need minute detailing while redecorating your bathrooms.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom or doing the decor from scratch, this article will offer you some inspirational and quick tips to decide upon a theme for your bathroom vanity designs.

bathroom vanity designs

We have a collection of images to impart a quick visual memory as to how the bathroom will look after complete renovation. So spruce up your space with stylish accessories and trendy appliances to impart elegance and aesthetic value to your bathroom.

White Dresser Vanities with Contrasting Top

An ideal way to blend together vintage style and modern elements in your bathroom is a dresser style vanity. The white Victorian vanity with contrasting marble top looks amazing.

Traditional Deep Black Vanity

The dark stained wooden vanity lends a complementing look to the red and black half bathroom. The antique mirror and the stone sink enhance the appeal of the gorgeous bathroom.

Vanity Cabinets in Beige Color Scheme

Extend the storage of the bathroom with an expansive vanity set. Straight from the ceiling to the floor the cabinetry in beige color adds a retreat to the vintage bathroom.

Wooden Double Vanity for Warm Looking Bathroom

Design your master bathroom with a classic design of vanity with raised wooden surfaces. The brown colored vanity with the complementing tan gold bathtub makes the bathroom look warm and appealing.

Eclectic Purple Colored Vanity

The floating vanity with beautiful purple shade looks subtle yet exotic in this white bathroom. The contrasting white countertop with silver sink faucets looks eclectic.

Colorful Vanity Matching the Fabric Panels In Bathroom

Black vanity with colorful print in the front imparts a striking appeal to the bathroom. The tiny powder room has complementary fabric screens and lighting to add up to the delightful decor.

bathroom vanity designs

Fancy Purple Vanity with Single Sink

The carved surface of the vanity gives a stylish look to the furniture. Create a pleasant sight with the dark purple tone that stands eclectic against the white background.

Spring Green Vanity for Refreshing Bathroom Interior

A pure and natural garden fresh approach is used in designing this bathroom. A coat of green paint on traditional vanity looks fresh.

Bathroom Vanity Sets With Different Patterns

Combine two or three small floating vanities and cabinets in a bathroom to keep your belongings organized. Using striped and plain color effects create a beautiful appearance in the bathroom.

Brilliant Red Vanity for Modern Bathroom

The clean lines of the red bathroom furniture lend a stylish modern aura to the bathroom. Colors fill the bathroom with excitement and thrill. Bright shades look delightful while the pastel shades create a subtle view in the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Designs with Decorative Ideas

Simple Wallpaper and Mirrored Walls for Elegant Bathrooms

The traditional bathroom is given a modern impression by using gentle wallpaper design with gold accents making the interiors look glam. The tall mirrored walls create a reflective accent in the bathroom for amazing appeal.

Contemporary Black Bathroom with Red Accents

Modern bathrooms especially the ones used by the masculine gender tend to sport darker shades in the bathroom. The matte-finished black bathroom is clad with ceramic tiles, the tall glass window and the poppy red accents to create a modish appeal.

bathroom vanity designs

Creative Tiling Concepts For Modern Bathroom

The entire concept of bathroom decor in this apartment bathroom is based on tiles. Each section is tiled in a different manner and variations of sizes are used to create a lovely pattern.

Luxurious Spa-like Modern Baths for Sophisticated Look

The monochromatic brown shade of the bathroom reflects the minimalistic ideas of the designer. The silver accents in the bathroom give a stunning contrast to the color scheme.

Modern Bathroom with Black Furnishings

The charcoal grey bathroom walls are made from jumbo custom-made tiles. The interior is contrasted with a classic touch of black toilet seat and furnishings.

Wall Decoration for Bathrooms with Small Spaces

Sport a unique wall hanging or a photo frame on your bathroom walls to lend a stylish aura to the interiors. The mind blowing artwork in this painting with vibrant colors makes the room attractive.

Pretty Floral Wall Decor with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiling is a real tricky art which requires precision and expertise. The large flower pattern on the wall looks stylish and lively while the blue surrounds lend a cool appeal.

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Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Bathroom Remodeling Options

The two most common areas of home remodeling are the kitchen and bathroom. It’s debatable whether we spend more time in the kitchen or bathroom, but the kitchen often gets the most focus because that’s what sells a house and it’s the most common area seen by visitors. 

However, the bathroom is an area that can add value to your home and comfort and enjoyment to your life. You can do it in small or large ways; it all depends on your space and budget. Today, we will focus here about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

An inexpensive space saver is a heated towel rack. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your space. They also come in a wide range of prices from just over a hundred dollars to several thousand. 

bathroom remodel

The great thing about this product is that you can use it to heat blanks and dry delicate garments. Whatever your desired use you can find a product that fits your needs.

Not only can you warm your body after a shower you can warm your feet before and afterward. You can actually do this with only a small amount of money, in some cases for less than $500. 

Most companies are using radiant heat systems that are virtually maintenance-free and provide great warmth. You can use it to warm your feet or heat your bathroom.

Have you ever taken a hot shower only to hop out to find the mirror fogged over? You clean off a spot to see yourself only to have it fog up again? 

An electric bathroom mirror provides a defogging experience that solves this problem and enhances your experience. The system turns on automatically when you turn on your bathroom light, so once you hit the shower the mirror is ready to go. 

These products can normally be purchased for under a hundred dollars but provide a level of luxury most anyone can afford.

For your shower experience you have options such as a body spa or rainfall experience, you can even have both if you wish so you can choose which you want on any given day.

As you can imagine you have many other choices besides these, you are only limited by your space and imagination and maybe your budget! 

Remodeling your bathroom can be an enjoyable experience and one that brings you long-lasting joy. Take time to review your options and come up with a solution that best meets your needs.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? Changing The Toilet

Remodeling a bathroom can be easily done even by inexperienced home-owners. Doing it yourself is huge opportunity to save money and learn.

You will only need some basic tools for remodeling your bathroom. Here is what you need: latex gloves, rags, lock pliers, wrench, a putty knife, a scraper, screwdriver, pry bar, hacksaw, and a caulking gun. Often you won’t need them all, it mainly depends on the type of installation of your old toilet.

In addition to the tools, you will need some basic materials: bolts (don’t use the old bolts), wax rings (one for each bolt), water supply line (here again, don’t use the old), caulking in an appropriate color.

Some materials are delivered with the new toilet, so don’t buy anything until you know what you want to install. Different tools are needed to remove an old toilet, so check out your old toilet to know how it was installed.

Here are step by step installation tips for your new bathroom toilet.

bathroom remodel

First, turn off the supply valve and flush the old toilet to empty the tank reservoir. This is a common step that many forget.

Second, lay everything out. Check if the new toilet has any cracks, chips or any form of damage. If this is the case, normally it was covered by a form of transport insurance, so don’t install the damaged toilet, return it for a replacement. After removing the old toilet, clean the floor where the toilet is going to be installed and clean the bottom of the new one. Perhaps some water drips from the old one, so prepare to clean it up. Don’t put the new toilet directly on the floor. Put some rags between it and the floor.

Disconnect the old toilet, remove the tank and remove its bolts. You will need to cut the old caulking around the bottom using the putty knife.   Remove the toilet and put it upon a rag. There is also a wax sealing to be removed on the bottom.

For the new toilet the procedure goes in the inverse from the removal of the old toilet. You will connect the drain, seal it with wax, screw down bolts, seal it with a caulking gum and connect the water supply line. The most important point is to make sure water does not drip or escape in any form.

The whole process won’t take more than one hour, even if it’s your first time.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget: Tips For Installing a Toilet

The housing boom has considerably slowed down. Home appraisals don’t allow many opportunities for a generous mortgage. Most potential buyers won’t even consider buying a new home now.

The logical solution for enhancing your living is clearly remodeling your current home. And the cheapest option for home remodeling is doing it yourself. Home remodeling projects are subject to an income tax refund, so consider your options. A home remodeling might not be that expensive either.

The favorite home remodeling projects are the kitchen and the bathroom.   That is mainly because the look and feel of a new kitchen or bathroom can only be changed through remodeling it. Giving a living room or other room a new appearance is only a question of changing the furniture, pictures or fixtures.

So, what can you do for your bathroom? Certainly, replacing a sink or toilet can be very expensive if you put the work into the hands of a professional contractor. However, careful home owners will be able to accomplish with such a project.

Reinstalling a toilet in a new home is relatively simple. You won’t have to invest a huge amount of time into this project either. In an old home, installing a toilet might be a high priority. Even if the toilet is just leaking a couple of drops, these couple of drops can cause huge damage to the structure of your home. Often you won’t see how much your toilet is deteriorating your home.

If you suspect that the sub-floor of the bathroom is damaged, then you should start the project to replace the toilet as soon as possible. You will also have to include the replacement of the sub-floor on your project’s budget.

Some minor point that many forget is that if your toilet will be out of service, you will need a second toilet. If your home only has one toilet, then do not count that it will be ready in just a day, since not everything runs as smooth as it should, especially for first time DIY worker.

Before buying a new toilet, measure all the sides of your current toilet. That includes the existing space, the bolts and the central drain. Most have a 12″ central drain, but this is not always the case. Some vary by only a half inch; however, buy a new toilet that is exactly the same dimensions as your old one.

Child Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling the bathroom of your children, think about how to make it a happy but safe place. Both in the case of children and elderly, safety should be taken into consideration in planning the bathroom remodel.  Here are five “bathroom for children” remodeling ideas that will make your project a complete success.

First: Giving children a bathroom that is child-friendly. Children like bright colors like yellow, blue or orange in their bathroom.   Include these colors in their remodeling project. However, it will depend on the age of the children that will use the bathroom. Ask them for advice before making the final decision about the decoration. They will feel much better if they are able to choose. Add happy touches that children will enjoy. An example: if you are putting new tile over the sink, you can have a couple of tiles with their favorite cartoon.  Some tiles can also be made by yourself and your kids.

child bathroom remodel

Second: Add some mainstream appealing pictures. For example, choose your shower curtain according to your children’s favorite characters or topics. For simple decorating for the bathroom, choose a matching character and color theme. The whole bathroom can be made according to a specific topic (Disney or Hanna Montana, for example).

Third: Make it a functional bathroom, made for children with the help of your children. For example, the towel racks must be hanged up in a height that is easy for your children to use.

Equally, you should put the cabinets, shelves and other bathroom furniture low enough for children, so they can reach them easily (otherwise they will climb to the edge of the tub, over the toilet or over the sink, this is a huge safety risk for them).

Provide easy storage for bathtub toys and other items and keep separate dangerous (like cleaning products) and non-dangerous items (like toys).

Fourth: Make the bathroom completely safe for your children. This point cannot be stressed enough. Bathroom can be a dangerous place. Install a slip-resistant floor that minimizes the possibility of falls. Lock any cabinets that contain any cleaning products that are dangerous to children.

Fifth: When planning the remodeling project, choose items that can be easily replaced in the near future – mostly in a couple of years.

Children’s tastes will change as they age, so plan in advance for at least removing cartoon characters or bright colors. Their children bathroom decor won’t last forever, no matter how good the quality is.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget! Use Slate Tile For The Bathroom

Whether you are doing a minor redo or a major overhaul, slate tile for the bathroom is a great choice. Not only is it slip resistant and highly durable, but it can be used on any almost any surface in the bathroom. These properties make a slate tile shower a great fusion between great style and functionality.

The neutral color tones of slate tile can easily be incorporated with most colors. The tiles have natural colors with green, blue, or red variations. They also work well with just about any design schemes, from traditional to contemporary.

Slate tile is made of clay, volcanic ash, and dried mud. These natural earth tones give warmth and richness. The natural ingredients provide character and variety ensuring no two will be alike.

The slate is developed by a layering method which creates a swirling pattern unique to each tile. Because it is made out of natural materials it is a great choice for those concerned with using organic materials.

Unless you have experience installing slate tile it is probably best if it is installed by a professional because it can crack or even break into pieces if it needs to be cut. The tile will also need to be arranged in an attractive pattern, evenly placed, set and grouted. This is a laborious task best left to the experts.

Whether or not you use sealant is a personal choice. It isn’t necessary but it can make it easier to clean and can also affect the appearance. You can choose from three different types of sealant depending on the look you prefer.

Choose high gloss sealant if you want a lustrous wet look, low sheen sealant if you want a little reflection or no sheen sealant which gives a natural finish without any shine.

Slate tile for the bathroom is a wise investment that will stand the test of time.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? 4 Good Reasons to Buy a Bathroom Set

If you are not familiar with the world of bathroom accessories, (and many of us are not until we go to buy these items after moving into our first home), you might be surprised to see so many bathroom sets available on the market.

There are good reasons, however, why bathroom sets are so popular and worth thinking about. Here are the main things they offer.

1. Easy Coordination of Your Bathroom

Instead of trying to find a soap dish to go with a waste basket or a shower curtain to go with a bath mat or giving up and letting your bathroom become an uncoordinated jumble of separate items, you can buy everything from one manufacturer and know that the items will work well together.

2. Reducing the Hassle of Shopping

Buying all the items together means that you have fewer shopping trips to make, parking charges (and fines) to pay and bills to clear. It is far easier to order or buy a bathroom set all at once than a number of different items.

3. Saving Money

It can be a lot cheaper to buy a set than to seek out and pay for individual accessories. Bathroom sets are usually competitively priced so that you are more likely to choose one set over another. The only exception to this is, if you will not use a few of the items in the set, then it makes sense to look for a set where you can buy individual items rather than one where you have to pay for everything in one go. Do your math first however.

4. Many Great Bathroom Accessories Only Sold as Sets

You will find that your choice is more restricted if you want to buy individual items as many of the best designers tend to produce sets of bathroom accessories. In most cases, however, there will be just a few items that you need to buy as a set and then you can add optional extras depending on what you need and how coordinated you want your bathroom to be.

Bathroom remodel ideas on a budget! Bathroom Remodeling for Less Money

Can’t stand the bathroom – but have no money to fix it? Check out these quick and easy ways to undertake a bathroom remodeling without costing yourself a fortune.

Small and Dark Bathroom?

Paint everything white – even colored tiles can be painted over! A nice paint job will lift even the oldest bathroom. Add some new lights and mirrors and suddenly the dark an depressing bathroom will be nice to live in again!

Cheap Wall Coverings

Marine ply is an outstanding budget solution to walls that really need relining – its used in boats so its definitely waterproof! You finish it of with a few coats of varnish for an attractive wooden look without the cost.

Cheap and Cheerful Storage Solution for a Bathroom

Find free-standing cupboards that you can paint and fit yourself. Add a simple shelf in wood or glass above the vanity for extra storage. Add a peg rail for towels and laundry bags.

Add Luxurious Extras for Little Cost

Invest in a set of fluffy towels and matching bathmat is simple but effective. Find a few interesting old bottles or containers in a second-hand shop and make them a display. Coordinate your toiletries and make them a display, not a clutter!

If you are remodeling a bathroom on a budget the first thing you need to do is to try to keep the existing plumbing in the same place – moving a bath, shower and particularly the WC will cost a lot of money in plumbing and building contractors.

If the bath is old and chipped but otherwise sound consider resurfacing it rather than replacing it. It will cost a lot less than removing the old one and replacing it. Getting more light into the room by replacing frosted windows with clear glass plus a muslin sheer blind for privacy. It can make a large difference for very little money.

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7 home interior design ideas make spacious home

One of the most common reasons that people choose to move home is to get more space. It’s one of the most desirable traits in a property and something that we all want (preferably without too much extra cost!). Today we will focus here briefly about 7 home interior design ideas make spacious home.

You don’t necessarily have to move to feel like you have a little bit of extra room though, there are certain changes which you can make to your home to give the illusion of it being much more spacious than it really is.

Whether you’re just fooling yourself or if you want to make the property seem more appealing to potential buyers then doing these things will make a world of difference. Follow bellow these 7 home interior design ideas to make your home look more spacious.

home interior design ideas

Make Use of Vertical Space

When we’re talking about increasing space people tend to assume this only means floor space, but there are other ways to trick your room into appearing larger. Tall, slim furniture such as bookcases or other shelving units can help to stretch the room upwards.

Also hanging artwork higher on the wall than you might normally do can draw the eye upwards and make the room seem much bigger as a result


The most common form of flat overhead lighting will make your room look small, so whilst it’s still useful to retain that bright option you really should have alternatives in place.

Spread your light sources by using smaller lamps situated in different areas of the room or even installing wall lights. Not only will this make the room seem bigger but it gives you greater control over the ambience in the room as well.


In a small space, even more so than normal, your best friend is natural light and it’s important to utilize it as much as possible. The more you can emphasize the amount of light coming into the space then the larger it will look, so be sure not to obstruct your windows in any way.

If you can avoid heavy window dressings then you’ll get more light and they’ll blend in rather than the eye being drawn to clunky thick curtains which tend to dominate that area of the room.


It’s an old trick this one but under the right circumstances it works extremely well. Mirrors can help to double that natural light coming into the room by reflecting it all over.

Beware this does work both ways though, if the room is cluttered and poorly lit then it will also double that. Only advisable if you’re confident the room can easily be kept in order (in other words, probably not for the kids room).

Open up Doorways

This is another great tip to increase the light coming into the space, and it can also help to give a very contemporary design feel.

Where possible an open plan layout achieves this in a very natural manner but of course getting rid of doors is not always an option, so this is more one to bear in mind for the complete overhaul

Light Walls

Something you always can do however is give the place a lick of paint, and it can make a big difference. Using a neutral colour shade for your walls will further the illusion of space in the room, and if combined with the windows and mirrors it will almost instantly double the apparent size of the room!

Be Economic with Furniture Choices

All of these other tips are no good if the room is packed to the brim. Doubling up on furniture and storage space is one great way to make the most of what little space you have. You can easily get sofas and tables with built-in storage these days, and if it’s hidden then even better.

Further to this, it’s a good idea to think about what you really need and avoid furniture clutter. For instance does your little sitting room really need a big coffee table dominating the room or would a little end table be sufficient?

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Bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring

Have you considered Bamboo flooring? Did you know bamboo flooring is 73% harder than Jarrah flooring? You may be concerned about your carbon footprint and looking for eco-friendly flooring for your home or business. Bamboo is eco-friendly, available in many colours and compliments any decor. It is as beautiful as hardwood floors and often cheaper. Today we will focus here briefly about Bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Increasing in Popularity

Bamboo flooring is booming in popularity in the US. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that is strong and flexible. It will bend without snapping. It does not develop knots or rays as it grows, so can withstand more stress than traditional hardwood flooring. Termites cannot digest bamboo. You can install bamboo flooring on top of concrete, vinyl, plywood, other wood floors and over radiant floor heating.

Bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring

Why is Bamboo Flooring the Eco-friendly Choice

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Trees are a renewable resource but take 20 or more years to reach maturity. Harvesting a tree allows more soil to erode where the tree once stood. Harvesting a tree reduces the production of oxygen, and more carbon dioxide is left in the air.

Forests cover 31 percent of the planet and are a source of lumber and paper goods. Eighty percent of the world’s species call forests home. Worldwide demand for forest products has grown and forestland is dwindling.

Bamboo can grow over four feet high in a day and grow to maturity in half a year. The extensive root system is left intact when the plant is harvested, and the roots prevent soil erosion. Replanting is unnecessary. Bamboo is re-harvested every three to seven years. Continuous harvesting helps bamboo to be healthy and thrive. Forests are preserved and the supply is reliable.

Benefits of bamboo flooring

  1. Think and tough – It is 73% harder than jarrah, which means it is ideal for families with children, high heels (not highly recommended) and in kitchens.
  2. Colour consistency – With controlled process of caramalisation, bamboo provides a consistent colour throughout your home, not like other woods. Visit your providers showroom prior to installation and the finish should be the same.
  3. Less maintenance – Bamboo requires less maintenance compared to traditional hardwood flooring.
    Tip: Place rugs at entrance ways to prevent grit, sand and moisture from tracking onto your floor.
  4. Easy to clean – Bamboo floors do not promote dust, which is ideal if you have allergies. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is about all you need to do. You can use a damp mop occasionally, or use a bamboo floor cleanser on a sticky spot.
    Note: With proper maintenance, solid three-quarters-inch bamboo floors can last for over 100 years.
  5. Value for money – The cost of bamboo flooring is 25 to 50 percent less than some other hardwood flooring. The installation cost is about the same as a hardwood floor. Professional bamboo flooring installers do not require any special training.
  6. Quick Installation – It is important to get your floor installed quickly so you can be back in your home on the same day. Bamboo flooring is usually supplied polished and ready for quick installation.
  7. Any place any time – Bamboo is not affected by temperature changes to the extent of hardwood flooring. Bamboo does not shrink or expand as much.

Disadvantages of bamboo flooring

One consideration you should keep in mind concerns the manufacturing process used in turning the bamboo into flooring. Low grade bamboo flooring is subject to splitting, de-lamination, cupping and non-durable finishes.  When choosing Bamboo I suggest choosing a quality Bamboo flooring provider, even if you have to pay that little bit extra.

Bamboo is more water-resistant than the average hardwood but it is not recommended for certain rooms. You should not install bamboo flooring in bathrooms, saunas, enclosed porches or other rooms with high moisture content. The moisture can cause your floor to warp or swell. Clean up spills immediately.
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5 Surefire Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Apart from our families, our home is our most prized possession. We decorate it and make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. As the years progress,our homes eventually become outdated and will be in need of updates and upgrades. You’ll also want to keep up with current trends while add value to your home and style to your property.

Here are five tips to add value to your home or property:

1. Make renovating your kitchen a first port of call

The most utilised room in the home is most definitely the kitchen area. It is where we gather and reunite with the family after a long day. We also enjoy relaxing meals and good conversation in this space. More money will be spent on upgrades in this space than any other room.

Upgrade kitchen appliances by replacing with stainless steel energy efficient choices such as refrigerators,ranges, dishwashers, sinks and microwaves. Replace old counter tops with stylish granite and marble slabs. Replace outdated flooring with tile, slate or wood.

Add Value to Your Home

Reface cabinet doors or completely replace cabinets and adorn with stylish door pulls. These changes will make a big difference in the look and feel of the kitchen.

2. Paint breathes new life into a tired home

Fresh paint can liven up living rooms and set the tone for the rest of the home. Consider an accent wall to add a focal point to a room. Keep other colours neutral, warm and welcoming.

With careful planning, you can make this a weekend project with the help of several friends. It is the quickest and most effective update that will completely change the feel of a space.

3. New flooring is a huge value add

Carpet is becoming a thing of the past in main living areas. Homeowners are opting for hardwood flooring options that add an extra added elegance to a room. With so many types of flooring, the possibilities are endless.

Choose from bamboo, hardwood, tile, slate, marble and stained concrete options. Not only are these current choices, but they will be much easier to maintain that traditional carpets.

4. Curb appeal because first impressions count

Beautiful and tidy curb appeal says that you care about how the yard looks and presents itself to the world. Make sure your grass is healthy and green and trees and shrubs are well manicured and complimentary to the yard.

Be sure there is a clear unobstructed pathway leading to the front door, and that bright vibrant flowers greet visitors with bursts of colour. Add texture to the yard by adding decorative rocks and stones and other types of ground coverings.Make it as appealing and exciting as possible.

5. Build a backyard retreat to get away from it all

Outdoor living has become an extremely popular feature in homes especially in regions where the weather is warm throughout the majority of the year. Home owners want to have a backyard space that feels like there is a relaxing resort setting right outside their backdoor.

Outdoor kitchens, water features,fire pits, landscape lighting, covered patios and appealing landscaping will all add to the resort feel. The idea is to not feel like you have to travel anywhere to escape to a private relaxing location. You will have it right therein your very own backyard space.

These tips are surefire ways to add value to your home. With careful choices and considerations, you can give your home much need style and elegance. Your home is your castle. Keep it as current as possible because you never know what the future will bring. Enjoy your home and be proud of the way it looks.

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